Monday April 3 2023

SP / 2021
Skol Beats
Já Nasci Pronta

Skol Beats

                            — This campaign was created right after a long period of quarantine. People were still unwilling to go out, but the client noticed that they were throwing a lot of house parties, and that's what we wanted to convey with very colorful and intimate lighting, diverse casting, and playful styling.

SP / 2021
Skol Beats
Já Nasci Pronta






Title: Cocktails
Brand: Skol Beats
Agency: Circus
Creative Agency: Andre Bandim
Production Company: Damn Good Advice
Creative Director and Photographer: Maltchique
Executive Production: Aline Rizzotto and Adriana Omodei
1º Assistant Director: Giulia Góes
Director of Photography: Maurício Kessler
Best Boy Still Photography: Gustavo Uehara
Digitech: Magu Marioto
Camera Operator: Muleke Brutal
1º Assistant Camera: Jeff Guimarães
Production Designer: Vini Manoel
Production Designer Assistants: Ahmad Cláudio and Caroline Ponikerski
Props Master Assistants: Victor Parra and Eduardo Martins da Silva
Best Boy: Roberlan Ferreira
Effects: Tatiana Dager
Beauty: Moisés Costa
Beauty Assistant: Camila Leite
Nail Artist: Claudionora Vitorio
Stylist: Yumi Kurita
Edit: Muleke Brutal
Retouching: Mateus Moraes, Alt Retouch