Monday April 3 2023

SP / 2022


                            — We had a lot of fun creating this campaign. We had augmented mockups of the little chocolate squares made for the photos and poured melted chocolate on top to make them extra creamy. Maltchique proposed a styling for this shoot that could resonate with the target and the chocolate squares. The casting was also super important; we wanted to feature models with unusual and beautiful teeth to resonate with the Gen Z audience.

Title: Chocoleite-se
Brand: Nestlé
Clients: Mariana Marcussi, Vitor Albuquerque, Rafael Berenguer
Agency: GUT
Creative Agency: Rapha Céu, Vitinho, Dedebs
RTV: Luciane Nuvolara, Catia Nucci
Production Company: Damn Good Advice
Creative Director and Photographer: Maltchique
Executive Production Aline Rizzotto and Adriana Omodei
Creative Art Director: Juliano Brito
Creative Producer: Magu Marioto
Line Producer: Flavia Zentil
Production Director: Chico Soll
1º Assistant Director: Lucas Affonso
Director of Photography: Gustavo Uehara
Best Boy Still Photography: Victor Rocha
Digitech: Cadu Belarmino
Camera Operator: Vini Piran
1º Assistant Camera: Fernanda Dias
Effects and Mockups: Miranda Gibin
Beauty: Jo Portalupi
Beauty Assistant: Mila Gomes
Nail Artist: Bárbara Soares
Stylist: Fred Rocha
Styling Assistant: Georgia Hoshino
Edit: Ariel Serrão
Color Grading: Felipe Tolotti
Audio: Punch Áudio
3D artists: João Costa, Eduardo Dutra
Post Coordination: Murilo Moura
Retouching: Mateus Moraes, Alt Retouch