Monday April 3 2023

RJ / 2022
Banco Pan 
Luciano Huck

Banco Pan

                            — There is not a single person in Brazil that doesn't know who Luciano is.
He is busy, and he means business. We only had a couple of hours to shoot a variety of poses and outfits for his portraits, and it was a blast to see his charisma and personality in real life.

Title: Mais que banco. Mais que Bank
Brand: Banco Pan
Agency: Art+Plan
Talent: Luciano Huck
Creative: Felipe Cunha, Eric Ribeiro and André Duarte
RTV: Patrícia Cortez
Creative Director and Photographer: Maltchique
Executive Production: Aline Rizzotto and Adriana Omodei
Creative Art Director: Juliano Brito
Creative Producer: Magu Marioto
Line Producer: Flavia Zentil
Production Director: Chico Soll
Director of Photography: Gustavo Uehara
Best Boy Still Photography: Patrick Souza and Flávio Alves
Digitech: Nathália Athayde
Production Designer: Arlindo Trevizam
Beauty: Marcos Herai
Styling: Yan Acioli
Retouch: Mateus Moraes, Alt Retouch