Monday April 3 2023

NY / 2022
Oscar Mayer 
Stupid or Genius

Oscar Mayer

                            — We couldn't believe it when Johannes Leonardo's team told us the concept for the Stupip or Genius campaign they wanted us to collaborate on. From the beginning, we knew we wanted to go to New York to shoot it. We put together a beautifully crafted treatment and got the job. We had the opportunity to work with unique talents and delivered one of our most exciting jobs yet.

NY / 2022
Oscar Mayer
Stupid or Genius







NY / 2022
Oscar Mayer
The Cold Dog

the cold dog

the go-go kart

the wiener bouquet

Title: Stupid or Genius
Brand: Oscar Mayer
Agency: Johannes Leonardo
Creative Agency: Melusi Mhlungu, Amanda Younger, Jeph Burton, Hunter Hampton, Lucas Kelly, Dupree Bostic
Senior Producer: James Elio
Production Company: Damn Good Advice
Creative Director and Photographer: Maltchique
Executive Production: Aline Rizzotto, Adriana Omodei, Mattew Greeley
Creative Producer: Magu Marioto
Line Producer: Mariana Barbiellini
Production Director: Stella Bloss and Ben Shapiro
1º Assistant Director: Zollo Mehdi
Director of Photography: Filipe Zapelini
Set Designer: JoJo Li
Food Stylist: Sue Li
Beauty: Mitch Yoshida
Hair Stylist: Latisha Chong
Stylist: Mecca James-Willians
Edit: Gabriel Honzik
Color Grading: Felipe Tolotti
Clean up: Liquor
Post Coordination: Mariana Barbiellini
Retouching: Mateus Moraes, Alt Retouch