Monday April 3 2023

NY / 2022


                            — Maltchique has a long history working for Unilever's hair products brand Nexxus. For the launch of the Ultralight category, the clients wanted a completely new look and feel for the Brand. Together with the agency, Maltchique created a contemporary aesthetic, and we produced the film and photos here in Brazil with part of the team in New York. 

Title: Ultralight
Brand: Nexxus
Client Lead: Katie Fitzmaurice
Agency: Cubo.cc NY
Strategy Direction: Pilar Rashad
Producers: Vinicius Rochlin, Debora Zapata
Creative Direction: Maltchique, André Matarazzo
Hair Styling Creative Direction: Lacy Redway
Production Company: Damn Good Advice
Creative Director and Photographer: Maltchique
Executive Production: Aline Rizzotto and Adriana Omodei
Production Director: Fernanda Marques
1º Assistant Director: Magu Marioto
Director of Photography: Gustavo Uehara
Camera Operator: Tristan Pae
1º Assistant Camera: Martina Quezado
2º Assistant Camera: Julia Takamori
Best Boy Still Photography: Leandro Bugni and Renato Machado
Digitech: Cadu Belarmino
Hair Stylist & Makeup: Gabriel Gomez
Hair and Makeup Assistants: Barbara Bosque and Marcos Weverthon
Hair Colorist: Eloah
Stylist: Clara Lima
Styling Assistant: Filipe Alecrim
Edit: Rob&Ariel
Color Grading: Felipe Tolotti
Clean up: Liquor
Post Coordination: Silvia Milani
Retouching: Mateus Moraes, Alt Retouch