Monday April 3 2023

SP / 2020
Open for Better – Share a Coke


                            — The agency invited Maltchique to create a global campaign for the new labels featuring letters. The idea was to feature words being made in various ways showcasing how much fun friends could share their best intentions. It was a massive undertaking because the images would be featured in over 40 countries, and we had to export them in Portuguese, English, and Spanish.





SP / 2020
Open for Better – Share a Coke

Title: Alphabet
Brand: TCCC
Clients: Yugo Motta, Erica Tomás
Agency: Wunderman Thompson
Creative Agency: Murilo Melo, Gabriel Sotero, Hugo Luquetti
RTV: Maisa Delgado
Production Company: Damn Good Advice
Creative Director and Photographer: Maltchique
Executive Production: Aline Rizzotto and Adriana Omodei
Production Director: Fernanda Marques
Best Boy Still Photography 1 Gustavo Uehara, Tim Sanches, Sidnei Brito, Marcelo Cucatti
Digitech: Magu Marioto
Set Designer: Winnie Ramos
Best Boy: Arlindo Trevizam
Effects: Miranda Gibin
Beauty: Liege Wisniewski
Beauty Assistant: Ivana Santos
Stylist: Yumi Kurita
Post Coordination: Silvia Milani
Retouching: Mateus Moraes, Alt Retouch